Since your Drum is made of hide, there are some rules you must follow. It is important that you keep the drum in a good place. Because your Drum is made of skin material, it reacts very much to temperature and humidity differences. Keep your Drum somewhere in your house where it is cool and dry, where there are no extreme temperature differences. Shamanic Drums are best kept somewhere in the house, on the floor, in a blanket or bag. Do not store the Drum over a heater or in front of a window in the sun or in the conservatory or damp place in the house / shed. If a drum is stored somewhere where it becomes extremely hot, the skin may become so tight that the wooden ring breaks / tears or the skin is stretched to such an extent that at normal room temperatures, it no longer becomes tight and the sound is no longer beautiful. And a drum that has been in a cold, damp place for a long time can also make the skin too weak. If the skin is stretched too far, the drum will not regain its sound. Most people hang their drums at home in the living room or bedroom, a room where they spend most of their time. If you are comfortable with the temperature changes in this room, it is likely that your drum will be comfortable with it too.